When preparing for the Theory and Hazard Perception test, it is best to invest in an app, CD or book.

The best one to buy is the 'Official DVSA theory test' as it contains the full bank of questions that you can be asked. If you are thinking about an app, then make sure you pay for it . If it is free, it won't include all the questions so you may end up going into your test and you won't have seen any of the questions. Also make sure that it has hazard perception clips as well for practice.

Official DVSA Thoery Test App

Official DVSA Theory Test Book



  • Excellent training from CBT through to on-road test. Chuffed to bits with zero minors on both my off and on road tests. Brilliant support and guidance from Alison, but also have to mention Joe, Hugh and Roly all playing a part in my journey, thank you very much Aplus team. Good luck in the future see you again soon.

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    Geoffrey - DEC 2018

  • Very professional, friendly, helpful and caring. I started my lessons in July and passed in November. Absolutely thrilled with the help and service I received throughout this journey. Highly recommended

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  • I highly recommend A Plus Motoring Academy! Ali, Roly & Hugh are very professional, patient, encouraging but at the same time put you at ease and make the lessons enjoyable with great craic! From CBT to my full licence with a pass first time I really can’t recommend them enough and I loved every minute of it!

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    Kerry - AUG 2018

  • Would highly recommend A Plus motoring after previous mess about instructer I was able to smash a 1st time pass with these alot of patients and extremely friendly and professionally 5 stars for use guys espically Ali will miss the crack!

    5 Star review for motorcycle lessons

    Stacey - AUG 2018


    When you go into your app or CD, you will be given the option of practicing by topic or completing a mock test. The best way to study is to go through each topic, question by question, until the topic is complete. Work your way through all the topics - this will take some time as there are quite a number of questions, however, it means that you will have seen all the possible questions that you will be given on the test. Once you have completed all the topics, then have a go at a mock test. If you have bought a book, go through the questions page by page. The book is very thick so unless you are an avid reader, it can be quite daunting! Answers are at the back of the book. This is a multiple choice test and you will have the choice of 4 answers.

    If you are not sure of the answer, work on the basis of elimination first of all i.e. decide which answer(s) it definitely cannot be! Then think logically about which answer is correct. So for example:

    Your mobile phone rings while travelling. What should you do?

    • Ignore it
    • Answer it immediately
    • Pull up at the nearest kerb
    • Stop immediately

    We all know that you should not use a mobile phone while riding a motorbike, apart from the fact that it would be pretty difficult to answer a phone with a helmet on, so 'answer it immediately' is definitely not the correct answer.

    Stop immediately - is this a safe option when you are riding along a road? If you just stop, there is a good possibility that the vehicle behind is going to be in your back wheel! So this is not the correct answer.

    Pull up at the nearest kerb - what if there is, for example, a bus stop, double yellow lines or a keep clear box at the nearest kerb? Would that be safe or legal to do? The answer doesn't mention anything about these possibilities, it just suggests you pull up and yet to do this you may be breaking the law. So we now know this answer is incorrect.

    This leaves us with 'Ignore it' - the correct answer!

    If you go through this process and you find that the answer you have given is incorrect, the app / CD will tell you which answer is correct, give a brief explanation and sometimes a highway code reference. If you do not understand the explanation, then have a look at this reference, as the highway code will give you some more information to help understanding.

    Unfortunately, some of the questions and answers just have to be learned and remembered.

    The pass mark for the multiple choice questions is 43 out of 50.



    We are always happy to offer some friendly advice when needed. If you are struggling with your theory test please contact us!


    Hazard perception

    The hazard perception test is taken immediately after the multiple choice theory test and is a series of computer generated video clips.

    Each clip contains one, and for one of the clips two, hazards. The test is intended to check your ability to detect developing situations that require you to take action such as changing speed or direction. This could be things like pedestrians crossing a road, cyclists entering your lane while moving around a stationary vehicle, horses and riders ahead. When you identify the developing hazard, click on the mouse.

    The earlier you notice the developing hazard and click, the higher the score. If you click too often on the mouse, it may result in a zero score. If you flag a hazard as you see it develop but before the scoring period as defined by the test's designers has opened, zero points will be registered.



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