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What do I need to have to complete CBT?

All you need to have is a driving licence - provisional or full car licence. You do not need to have any bike clothing, helmet, bike etc. as we can provide this.

Do I need to take lessons before completing CBT?

No. CBT is a course which can be taken by a complete novice. We will teach you everything you need to know on the day of the training so you don't need to have lessons beforehand.

What happens if I fail my CBT?

You cannot fail CBT. It is a training course and if you do not reach the required standard on the 1 day course, we will bring you back for lessons until you do reach the standard, when we will write your certificate.

How much will it cost to get my full licence?

Everyone is different in terms of the number of lessons they need, however, a good average is to work on the basis of 6 to 10 lessons in total for both the off and on road tests. Test fees are payable to DVA when booking tests. Current charges can be viewed on Lesson prices are competitive, please call for current prices.

Can I take the off and on road tests on the same day?

No. Tests are completed sequentially - first the theory, then the off road and finally the on road test. You must have passed your theory before you can book the off road test and you cannot book the on road test until you pass the off road.

What test centres do you use?

We use Craigavon and Mallusk for the off road test and Lisburn, Craigavon and Armagh for the on road test.

What size of bike can I ride when I pass my test?

At A Plus Motoring Academy Ltd. we do not recommend going for a full AM licence at 16 or a full A1 licence at 17. You can ride your moped / 125cc motorcycle on the CBT certificate. There is no real benefit in completing 3 further tests for these categories, however, we are more than happy to provide training for the tests should you wish to do them.

At age 19, you can ride a motorcycle with an engine power output up to 35kw. When you have held the category A2 licence for 2 years or reach age 24 (whichever comes first), you can move up to a category A motorcycle. You do not need to complete a theory and hazard perception test or CBT. To achieve the Category A licence, you only have to take and pass a motorcycle manoeuvres test and on road practical test on a Category A motorcycle.

At age 24, you can complete the Direct Access Scheme which means you will complete the CBT and tests on a large motorbike i.e. above 35kw. This means you can buy any size of motorbike once you pass all the tests.


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